Happy Weekend Picture - Turkey

Last Week I was near Kusadasi in Turkey. This is a resort Town in the
Aydin Province.

Kusadasi is located around 95 km from Izmir and its primary industry
is indeed Tourism.
Travel Turkey Kusadasi
Kusadasi - Turkey - own picture

The name Kusadasi came from Kus (= Bird) and Ada (= isle in Turkish).

Like many other provinces in Turkey it was settled by many civilizations
and it was founded in 3000 BC. From 334 BC it was conquered by
Alexander the Great.

According to the Roman Catholic sacred tradition this region was
important in the early years of Christianity. St. John, the Evangelist and
even Mary (mother of Jesus) came to this Region.

Nowadays many cruise ships arrive in Kusadasi.

Travel Turkey Kusadasi
Kusadasi Turkey - own picture

I want to wish you a very happy weekend and thank you for your nice comments,
likes and reshares!

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