History - On This Day - May 28th. 1760 - Alexandre de Beauharnais

May 28th. 1760 marks the birth of Alexandre de Beauharnais.
His birth took place in Fort-de-France, Martinique.

Alexandre's parents had been François de Beauharnais, marquess and
Marie Henriette Pyvart de Chasstullé.

On December 13th. 1779 Alexandre de Beauharnais married
Joséphine Tascher de la Pagerie (later Empress of the French Empire).
The couple would have 2 children.

Alexandre de Beauharnais - Source picture: Wikipedia

During the American Revolutionary War, Alexandre fought in the army
of King Louis XVI.

He had rather an interesting professional career:

* Deputy of the noblesse in the Estates-General
* president of the National Constituent Assembly (1791)
* Minister of war (1794)
* General-in-chief of the Army of the Rhine (1793)

But on March 2nd. 1794, the Committee of General Security ordered
Alexandre's arrest.

He was accused of having poorly defended Mainz during the
Siege of Mainz (1793). Besides that he was considered as an
aristocratic 'suspect'.

Source picture: Wikipedia

Alexandre sat in the Carmes prison. His wife Joséphine was jailed
in the same prison too, but due to Robespierre she was freed after
three months.

On July 23rd. 1794 Alexandre de Beauharnais was guillotined at the
Place de la Révolution in Paris.

Due to his son he became an ancestor of the Royal Houses of
Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Grand Ducal House of
Luxembourg too.   

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