Special Destinations - Vogelsang and its history

On October 16th. 1946 the Nuremberg trials came to their end with the
execution of the convicted Nazi leaders.

However the sad history of Hitler and the Nazi's has made lot of traces
in Europe.

One of them is Ordensburg Vogelsang located in the Nationalpark Eifel
in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany.

Vogelsang Germany
Vogelsang Germany

Some history ...

In 1933, Adolf Hitler gave a speech in which he demanded that new 'schools'
should be built for the children of the leaders of his national socialist German
Labour party.

Robert Ley (who committed suicide during the Nuremberg trials) was given
the task for the construction of those 'schools'. Four were planned. Three of
them were built, inter alia the one of Vogelsang.

From 1936 the 'schools' were ready to use (except the one who was planned
in West Prussia) and the first cadets (in German: Orden Junkers) came to

During World War II the Castle of Vogelsang was handed over to the army
(Deutsche Wehrmacht). Allied raids destroyed some of the buildings.

After World War II the destroyed buildings were restored by the Belgian
military authorities who had there their camp.

Vogelsang Germany

Since 2006 the military complex was opened for public as a part of the
Nationalpark Eifel.

Vogelsang Germany

I visited this building on a rainy day in the summer of 2015 with 
my parents-in-law.

My father-in-law knew this because of his military service in the 
Belgian Army in Germany. 

Vogelsang Germany
Vogelsang Germany

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