Royal Destination : The Austrian Parliament in Vienna

Several years ago, I had the chance to visit the Austrian Parliament in Vienna
during a public tour. After the security check, a sympathetic and well informed
guide told my husband and I and others the story of this magnificent building.

Austrian Parliament vienna outside
Parliament in Vienna Austria

In 1861 plans were formed to create a new building for the Imperial Council.
The original plans contained two separate buildings: one for the House of Lords
and one for the House of Representatives.

Austrian Parliament vienna inside
Parliament in Vienna Austria

In 1867 the Austro-Hungarian Compromise founded a dual monarchy, the
Kingdom of Hungary received its own legislative body and the plans for the
two buildings were dropped.

On the site of the new building there were during that time ancient fortifications
and walls. It was Emperor Franz Joseph himself who wanted a large new
boulevard called the 'Ringstrasse'. The parliament building had to be near the
Hofburg and the Vienna City Hall.

The ground was broken in June 1874 and the cornerstone had the date
September 2nd. 1874. the architect became Theophil Hansen with his
Greek style based design. They chose the Greek Style for two reasons:
it was popular in that time and the democracy started in Greece.

Pallas Athena Vienna

In front of the building there came a large statue of Pallas Athena, in the Greek
mythology inter alia the goddess of the wisdom. In the Viennese streets there
was a joke about this statue. People said that Palace Athena turned her back
to the parliament because she didn't want her to see what was happening inside.

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