Today in History - On This Day - November 9th. 1414 - Albrecht III Achilles, Elector of Brandenburg

Albert (in German: Albrecht) was born on November 9th. 1414 in
Tangermünde as the son of Frederick I, Elector of Brandenburg and
Elisabeth of Bavaria-Landshut.

During his youth he passed some time at the court of Emperor Sigismund and
he made a pilgrimage to the Holly Country.

He took part in the war against the Hussites. Albert received the nickname
Achilles due to his qualities as knight. He also supported the German King
Albert II in his war in Poland.

In 1440 his father died and Albert received the principality of Ansbach.
After that he soon took a leading position over the German princes.

On November 12th. 1447 he married Margaret of Baden. She was the
daughter of Margrave Jacob I of Baden and Catherine of Lorraine. They
would have 6 children. Margaret died on October 24th. 1457.

Albert was a keen supporter of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III.
The Emperor had a lot of troubles with his reforms in his Empire. He
gave many marks to Albert for that support.

On November 12th. 1458 Albert married Anna of Saxony, daughter of
Frederick II of Saxony and Margaret of Austria. They would have 13

After taking part at the election for Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian as
King of the Romans, Albert died in Frankfurt on March 11th. 1486.

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