Today in History - On this Day - November 18th. 1887 - Juan, Count of Montizón

Don Juan Carlos Maria Isidro de Borbón, Count of Montizón was born
on May 15th. 1822 at the Palacio Real de Aranjuez in the province of

His parents were Infante Carlos of Spain, brother of King Ferdinand VII
and Infanta Maria Francisca of Portugal. His education was built with
high values of loyalty to the crown and to the church.

March 1833 was a huge change for Juan. Then he moved to Portugal
with his family.

On September 29th. 1833 a difficult time broke out for him because
Juan's father, Carlos, claimed the Spanish throne as King Carlos V.
He rejected the reign of his own niece Isabella.

In June 1834 Juan moved with his family to England, there he lived
at Gloucester lodge and later in Hampshire. Between 1833 till 1839
the First Carlist War took place, however it was not playing a great
role during Juan's youth.


On February 6th. 1847 Juan married Archduchess Maria Beatrix of
Austria-Este. She was a daughter of Duke Francis IV of Modena and
Princess Maria Beatrice of Savoy. The couple would have two sons:
Carlos and Alfonso Carlos.

A Carlist

During the early 1860's the popularity of Isabella's reign wasn't that
splendid and Juan's eldest son Carlos wanted to claim the Spanish
throne, however Juan was on a higher rank than his son. Finally
Juan signed a decree of abdication in Paris and he became an active
supporter for his son Carlos during the Third Carlist War, which took
place between 1872 and 1876.


After his education Juan lived in Worthing, England and he took
the name Charles Monfort. There he lived together with an English
woman and they would have two children too.


On November 18th.1887 Juan died at his home. He was buried
at the chapel of Saint Charles Borromeo in the Trieste Cathedral.
The description on  his tomb names him as ...

"King of Spain".

Picture 1 : Don Juan - Source: Wikipedia
Picture 2 : Arms of the Bourbon Carliste Source: Wikipedia

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