Today in History / On This Day - November 2nd. 1844 - Mehmed V of the Ottoman Empire

Mehmed V Reshad was born on November 2nd. 1844 at the Tokapi Palace in
Istanbul, Turkey.

His parents were Abdülmecid I and Gülcemal Sultan. During his youth he
studied poetry of the old Persian style and he became a poet.

On April 27th. 1906 he started reigning, however Mehmed V didn't have any
political power anymore.

Mehmed V declared the jihad against the Triple Entente (Russian Empire,
United Kingdom and the French third republic). This declaration took place
on November 14th. 1914. Therefore he followed the Ottoman government's
decision to join World War I on the side of the Central Powers (Germany,
The Austrian Empire, Bulgaria).

Mehmed V died at the Yidiz Palace on July 3rd. 1918, a few months before
the end of World War I, so he wasn't in live at the moment of the downfall of
the Ottoman Empire.

Source pictures: Wikipedia

2 nd. picture three emperors:

Wilhelm from Germany
Mehmed V of the Ottoman Empire
Franz Joseph of the Austrian Empire
Three empires which became republics after World War I ...

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