Royal Destinations - Aachen Cathedral in Germany

The most amazing building in Aachen is the cathedral (in German: Dom).
This was ordered by Charlemagne around 796.

Aachen Cathedral Germany

When Charlemagne died on January 28th. 814, of course, he was buried in the
Aachen Cathedral, although the exact place is unknown due to a lack of

After the instructions of Charlemagne the Aachen Cathedral became the most
important place for Germany Kings. It was here their coronation took place.
The coronation occurred at the High Altar and then there was an
enthronement on the Throne of Charlemagne, which can be seen today.

From 1238 the Aachen Cathedral became a place for pilgrimage. Since 1349
the relics are been shown every 7 years. The last time was in 2014.

Some important dates:

* 805: Consecration by Pope Leo III

* 814: Funeral of Charlemagne

* 936: Coronation of Otto I

* 1165: Canonization of Charlemagne

* 1794: Occupation of the City by French Revolutionary Troops

* 1814: Aachen became a part of the Kingdom of Prussia

Style of the cathedral:

The cathedral used two architectural styles:

* Carolingian Romanesque

* Gothic Style

UNESCO World Heritage Site:

The Aachen Cathedral is certainly worth a visit not only due to its Royal history but
the building also is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Aachen Cathedral Germany

The pictures were taken during a visit on July 19th. 2015.

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