Today in History - On This Day - January 10th. 1538 - Louis of Nassau

Louis of Nassau was born on January 10th. 1538 as the third son of
William, Count of Nassau and Juliana of Stolberg.

Louis of Nassau was one of the leaders of the league of the lesser
nobles in the 'Compromis des Nobles'.

This compromise took place in 1566. This compromise was an open letter to
King Philippe II of Spain stating that he should withdraw the inquisition
in the Netherlands. On April 5th. 1566 the compromise was offered to
Margaret of Parma,

Louis of Nassau helped his brother William in various ways.
He served in several battles like the Battle of Heiligerlee, Jemmingen and
Mookerheyde. Louis also arranged the wedding between his brother and
Anna of Saxony.

Louis of Nassau died on April 4th. 1574 during the battle.
His body was never founded.

On April 14th. 1981 a statue was inaugurated for Louis and his brother Hendrik,
at the reformed church in Heumen.

Picture 1 : Louis of Nassau - Source: Wikipedia

Picture 2 : Counts of Nassau - Source Wikipedia (the original painting is located
in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam).

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