Today in History - On This Day - January 25th. 1526 - Adolf, Duke of Holstein - Gottorp

Adolf of Holstein-Gottorp was born on January 25th. 1526  as a
son of King Frederick I of Denmark and Sophie of Pomerania.

After the death of King Frederick I of Denmark his three sons
divided his land and possessions. The revenues such as taxes
were divided equally between the brothers. So, Adolf
became the first Duke of Holstein-Gottorp.

On December 17th. 1564 Adolf of Holstein-Gottorp married
Christine of Hesse. She was the daughter of Philip I, Landgrave
of Hesse.Their wedding resulted in a scandal when the guests
of the wedding consumed too much alcohol.

They would have 10 children. One of their daughters, Christina,
would marry King Charles IX of Sweden.

Adolf participated at the Diet of Augsburg, when he saw
Emperor Charles V at the high point of his power. He returned
home in 1553.

Adolf of Holstein-Gottorp died on August 1st. 1586.

Source picture: Wikipedia

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