Today in History / On This Day - January 8th. 1788 - Archduke Rudolf of Austria

Rudolph Johannes Joseph Rainier von Habsburg-Lothringen was born
on January 8th. 1788 as the son of Holy Roman Emperor, Leopold II,
and Maria Luisa of Spain.

He was born at the Palazzo Pitti in Florence (Italy). In 1803 or it could
also be 1804 Archduke Rudolf of Austria took lessons in piano and
composition from Ludwig van Beethoven. The two became friends and
Archduke Rudolf became the patron of the artist.The composer even
dedicated 14 compositions to Rudolf inter alia: the Archduke Trio or
Piano Trio, Op. 97. Their letters were kept at the Gesellschaft der
Musikfreunde in Vienna.

On March 24th. 1819, Archduke Rudolph was appointed as
Archbishop of Olomouc. This is now located in the Czech Republic.

On July 31st. 1831 he died at the age of 43 in Baden bei Wien.
He was buried at the Imperial crypt in Vienna.

Source pictures: Wikipedia

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