Today in History - On This Day - March 31st. 1718 - Mariana Victoria of Spain, Queen Consort of Portugal

March 31st. 1718 marks the birth of Mariana Victoria of Spain. This took place at the
Royal Alcazar in Madrid.


Her parents were King Philip V of Spain and Elisabeth Farnesse. Mariana Victoria
received her names from her paternal grandmother, Maria Anna Victoria of Bavaria.

Love & Marriage

First Mariana Victoria of Spain was engaged to her cousin, Louis XV of France.
She left Spain and traveled to France on March 2nd. 1721

According to the mother of the Regent, Elisabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate,
Mariana Victoria was:

The sweetest and prettiest little thing.

However it was not meant to be and on March 11th. 1725 Mariana Victoria
traveled back to Spain.

Her arrival in Spain was considered as a great insult and caused a diplomatic
rift between France and Spain.

On January 19th. 1729 Mariana Victoria of Spain married Joseph of Portugal.
Husband and wife became very close, they both liked hunting and music.
However Joseph of Portugal had several affairs, and the serious Mariana Victoria
didn't like that, although this Royal Couple would have 8 children.

Queen Consort of Portugal

In 1750 Mariana Victoria of Spain became Queen Consort of Portugal, after the
death of her father-in-law.

In 1755 a serious earthquake took place on November 1st. and more than hundred
thousand people were killed.

On November 29th. 1776 Mariana Victoria became regent due to the bad health of
her husband. She also tried to improve the relations between Portugal and Spain.


On January 15th. 1781 she died from a heart disease. Mariana Victoria of Spain,
Queen Consort of Portugal was buried at the Royal Pantheon of the House of
Braganza at the Monastery of São Vicente of Portugal.

Source picture: Wikipedia

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