Today in History / On This Day - April 18th. 1590 - Ahmed I, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and his Blue Mosque

April 18th. 1590 marks the birth of Ahmed I Bahti. This took place in Manisa,
a city in the Agean Region in Turkey (then Ottoman Empire).


Ahmeds parents were Sultan Mehmed III and Handan Sultan.
He belonged to the House of Osmanli.

Love & Marriage

Ahmed I married 3 times:

- Mahpeyker Sultan;
- Mahfiruz Sultan;
- Fatma Sultan.

He had more than 12 children. The most famous were:

- Osman II;
- Murad IV;
- Ibrahim I.


In 1603, at the age of 13, Ahmed succeeded his father as sultan of the Ottoman

He was known for his skills in poetry, horseback riding, and his fluency in
different languages.

Ahmed I interfered with two wars and a revolt

- Ottoman Safavid War (1604-1606);
- War with the Austrian Habsburgs (1604-1606);
- Jelali Revolt.


Ahmed I became most famous for his contribution of the Blue Mosque,
also called the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, in Istanbul.


Ahmed I died on November 22nd. 1617 in Istanbul.

Source pictures: Wikipedia
Author picture Blue Mosque: Ken Jones

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