Today in History / On This Day - April 21st. 1767 - The sad story of Duchess Elisabeth of Württemberg

On April 21st. 1767, Duchess Elisabeth of Württemberg was born in
Trzebiatów (now located in West Poland).


Her parents were Frederick II Eugene, Duke of Württemberg and
Friederike Sophia Dorothea of Brandenburg-Schwedt (a niece of
Frederick the Great).


At the age of 15, Duchess Elisabeth of Württemberg was called by
Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II to Vienna. There she was educated
at the Salesianerinnenkloster and she converted to Catholicism.

Love & Marriage

On January 6th. 1788 Elisabeth married Archduke Francis of Austria,
who became later Holy Roman Emperor.

At the end of 1789 Elisabeth was pregnant, though her condition wasn't
that good.

On February 18th. 1790 the Elisabeth gave prematurely birth to
Archduchess Ludovika Elisabeth of Austria.


On February 18th. 1790 Duchess Elisabeth of Württemberg died. She didn't
survived the childbirth. She was buried at the Imperial Crypt in Vienna

Source picture: Wikipedia

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