History - OnThisDay - October 8th. 1656 - John George I, Elector of Saxony

On March 5th. 1585, John George (in German: Johann Georg) was born in
Dresden (Germany).


John George was the second son of Elector Christian of Saxony and his
wife Sophie of Brandenburg.


On June 23rd. 1611, John George became Elector of Saxony with the
death of his elder brother Christian II.

At the beginning of his reign John George didn't know what to do:
making an alliance with the protestants against the House of
Habsburg or making an alliance with the Habsburg Emperor.
This led to wars and finally the Treaty of Prague in 1635.

John George was no great ruler. He would have been harsh and
unlovely. He liked to drink  and hunting.

Love and Marriage

John George I of Saxony married twice.

1/ on September 16th. 1604 to Sibylle Elisabeth of Württemberg.
She died while giving birth to their only child: a stillborn son

2/ on July 19th. 1607 to Duchess Magdalene Sibylle of Prussia
They would have 10 children.

Source pictures: Wikipedia

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