History - OnThisDay - January 5th. 1477 - The Battle of Nancy

On January 5th. 1477 the final battle of the Burgundian Wars took
place outside the walls of Nancy (located in France).

It was there that Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy fought
against René II, Duke of Lorraine and the Swiss Confederacy.

In 1477, Charles was besieging the city of Nancy (the capital of
Lorraine). He wanted to bring the siege to an end at all costs.

René had gathered around 12.000 men from Lorraine and the
Lower Union of the Rhine. A Swiss Army of 10.000 men arrived
to help him.

They reached Nancy in the morning of January 5th. and Charles
learned that his opponents were too strong. The Duke was seen
to fall but the battle flowed on around him. Three days later the
Duke's body was finally found.

The news of the Burgundian defeat and the death of
Charles the Bold was spread across Europe. Many couldn't
believe this.

Charles the Bold was succeeded by his daughter Mary, who
inherited a lot of troubles in the lands of her father.

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