History - OnThisDay - March 20th. 1619 - Matthias, Holy Roman Emperor died

On March 20th. 1619, Matthias, Holy Roman Emperor died in Vienna, Austria.


Matthias was the son of Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor and his wife
Maria of Austria. He was thus the brother of inter alia:

Anna, Queen of Spain;
Rudolf, Holy Roman Emperor;
Elisabeth, Queen of France;
and more

Love and Marriage

On December 4th. 1611, in the Augustinian Church, Matthias married
Archduchess Anna of Austria, daughter of his uncle Ferdinand II of
Austria. They had no children.


In 1578, Matthias was invited to the Netherlands by the States-General of
the rebellious provinces, who offered him the position of Governor-General.

Matthias accepted the appointment, but this was not recognized by his uncle,
King Philip II of Spain, the ruler of the Netherlands.

In 1579 he participated in the Union of Utrecht, which established freedom of
religion as a locally determined issue. In 1581 Matthias returned home.

In 1593, Matthias was appointed governor of Austria by his brother,
Emperor Rudolf II. In 1606 he participated in the Peace of Vienna, which
guaranteed religious freedom in Hungary. That year Matthias was recognized
as head of the House of Habsburg and the future Holy Roman Emperor, as a
result of Rudolf 's illness.

In 1612, Rudolf died and Matthias became Holy Roman Emperor.

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