Shopping Delvaux from the Kingdom of Belgium

Delvaux - From the Kingdom of Belgium

Nothing is more suitable for a lady than an amazing beautiful handbag.
That's one of the key specialties of Delvaux.

Delvaux, made from Belgium - own picture taken in Louvain in 2017
Delvaux with very small bags - own picture taken in Brussels in 2017

Some history

Delvaux was founded in 1829, one year before the independence of
Belgium, by Charles Delvaux. He opened a travel goods workshop
and store in Brussels.

At the beginning of the 20th. century, the house went into decline.
In 1933, Franz Schwennicke took over the company from
Edmond Delvaux, the last of the Delvaux family line.
Franz Schwennicke worked with a new concept: seasonal collections.

In 1958, at the Brussels World Fair, Delvaux introduced the Brillant
handbag, designed by Paule Goethals. The product showed for the
first time the brand logo: the "D" letter.

In 1970, Franz Schwennicke died, his wife Solange succeeded him.
A new model 'Le Pin' was introduced.

At the end of the 1980's the son of Franz Schwennicke and Solange
became Executive Chairman.

In 2009, the 180th. anniversary of Delvaux was celebrated with a
book by Judah Hettie and Véronique Pouillard. There also was an
exhibition at the Fashion Museum of Antwerp.

In 2011, an investment arm of the Fung Group took a majority stake
in the company.

Delvaux and its bags  - own picture taken in Brussels in 2017

The bags

The current major lines of women's bags are
Le Brillant designed in 1958
Le Tempête designed in 1967
Le Madame from 1977
Le Simplissime from 1969
Le Givry from 1977
Le Pin from 1972
Le Louise from 1973.

In 2014 even a line of men's bags was added.

The shops

There are 10 Delvaux shops in Belgium, but there are also shops
in Paris, Tokyo, London, Australia, Austria, China, Germany,
Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Portugal, Russia
Spain, Taiwan and the United States.

Ceci n'est pas un Delvaux :-) - own picture taken in Brussels in 2017

Royal Warrant Holder

Delvaux is royal warrant holder to the Court of Belgium. Several queens
and princesses were seen with a Delvaux bag.

On this link, from the site Modekoningin Mathilde, you can see pictures
of Queen Mathilde wearing Delvaux bags.

On this link, you can see Queen Paola of Belgium visiting the Delvaux

In 2017, the Nato spouses made a visit to Belgium. Some of them stopped
... in ...
the Delvaux shop in Brussels.

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