14 September 1889 Opening of the Volkstheater in Vienna Austria

On 14 September 1889, the opening of the Volkstheater in Vienna, capital of
Austria took place.

Volkstheater in Vienna - painting - Source picture: Wikipedia

Some history

The Volkstheater was founded at the request of the citizens of Vienna. It is located
in Neubeu, the 7th. district of Vienna.

Volkstheater in Vienna - own picture taken in 2011

Since its opening the Volkstheater had many directors inter alia:

- Rudolf Beer;
- Rolf Jahn;
- Günther Haenel;
- Leon Epp;
- Gustav Manker;
- Emmy Werner;
- Anna Badora.

Royal history

The Volkstheater was built under the rule of Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife
Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) of Austria.

Volkstheater in Vienna Wien - own picture taken in 2011

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