Hurghada at the Red Sea Coast in Egypt and its History

Sometimes summer destinations do have a royal link. The history of Hurghada,
located at the Red Sea Coast in Egypt, is surprising but very interesting.

El Gouna, near Hurghada Beach view- own picture taken in 2009


The village of what's now Hurghada was settled in 1905. It was named after a
plant which grew naturally in the environment in ancient times.

In 1913, oil was discovered. The exploitation and export started in 1921 by
British oil magnates.

It was King Farouk I of Egypt who ordered to build a recreation center in

King Farouk I of Egypt, Source picture: Wikipedia

Under president Nasser the nationalization of Egypt's industries was turned over
to armed forces.

During the war of 1973, Hurghada 's harbor was the target of Israeli troops.

Hurghada Harbor and the building works of the El Mina mosque-
own picture taken in 2009


Nowadays Hurghada is a great tourist retreat. It provides sport facilities for
windsurfers, kite surfers, yachtsmen, scuba drivers and snorkelers.

Near Hurghada many resort towns were build inter alia:
Soma Bay;
Makadi Bay;
and my favorite El Gouna.

Hurghada Harbor - own picture taken in 2009

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