OTD 5 October 1758 The start of the scandalous life of Lady Worsley

Seymour Fleming was born on 5 October 1758 as a daughter of
Sir John Fleming, 1 st. Baronet of Brompton Park and his wife
Jane Coleman. When she was 5 years old, her father and two of
her sisters died.

Her mother remarried in 1770 to Edwin Lascelles, 1st. Baron Harewood,
whose wealth derived from plantations in the West Indies.

Love and Marriage

On 20 September 1775, Seymour Fleming married Sir Richard Worsley,
7th. Baronet of Appuldurcombe House, Isle of Wight. She was styled
Lady Worsley until his death. The couple had one legitimate child:
Robert Edwin, who died young.

But, Lady Worsley bore another child: Jane Seymour Worsley in August
1781, fathered by Maurice George Bisset. Worsley claimed the young born
as his own child to avoid the scandal.

However scandal continued. Lady Worsley was rumored to have 27 lovers!
But the 'case' George Bisset really was interesting.  He was her husband 's
close friend and neighbor on the Isle of Wight. In 1782 Worsley brought
a criminal conversation case of then 20,000 pounds against Bisset. Bisset
left Lady Worsley when it became clear that her husband was seeking
separation rather than divorce. So Seymour was forced to become a
professional mistress.

In 1788 she had a new lover: the Chevalier de Saint-Georges and she wanted
to return to England but her husband forced her to exile in France, where she
was trapped in the events of the French Revolution. She probably was taken
captive during the Reign of Terror.

In 1797 she returned to England, where she recovered from sickness in
Brompton Park.

In 1805, Worsley died and on 12 September she remarried a 26 years old
new found lover: John Lewis Cuchet.


After an eventful life she died on 9 September 1818 in Paris.


In 2015, the BBC2 television film came out named: The Scandalous Lady W.
This story was based upon the book Lady Worsley's Whim from
Hallie Rubenshold. It must be sure: such an eventful life, as that of Lady W will
produce more stories like these two.

Source pictures: Wikipedia

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