Royal Shopping Wolfers Jewelry in Brussels

Wolfers Jewelry is a jewelry store located on the Boulevard de Waterloo in
Brussels. It is specialized in bijoux and jewels. The jeweler also is closely
connected to the Royal Court of Belgium.

Wolfers Store in Brussels
Some history

The name "Wolfers" is known since 1812. It is one of the most famous and
exclusive European jewelry.

Philip Wolfers became re-known for his Art Nouveau bijoux.

Royal connections

In 1960, on the occasion of the marriage of King Baudouin of Belgium
and Queen Fabiola, a group of wealthy Belgian industrials and public
figures offered the Wolfers Tiara to Queen Fabiola. She wore it on
several occasions either as a tiara or as a splendid necklace.
Nowadays the jewel is worn by Queen Mathilde.

In 1999, Wolfers became responsible for the engagement ring of the
future Queen Mathilde of Belgium.

Wolfers store in Brussels and the Belgian Flag

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