Royal Books A short history of Russia

Russia and especially its Royal history always have had an attraction to me.
So, when I had the chance to read this e-book on Kobo Plus, I immediately
was interested.

A short history of Russia

This book was written by Mary Platt Parmele and first published in 1898!
Nevertheless 'A short history of Russia ' certainly is worth to read.
It contained 26 chapters of around 5 pages each.
The chapters are clarefully divided with interesting topics.

Mary Platt Parmele (1843-1911) was an American historian and writer. She
wrote lots of short histories. This book was her last writing work.

About the book

'A short history of Russia' gave a quick idea about Russia's history and it started
all at the very beginning. It even mentioned the Rurik dynasty. This dynasty often
is missing in lots of history books.

Anyway I liked the way  the author made connections between the important
events of those days and the geopolitical keyplayers of that moment inter alia: the
Ottoman Empire, England, the Austrian Empire, France and even the pope.

A Short history of Russia told the story of
- Ivan IV, also known as Ivan the Terrible;
- the false Dimitris and the way evil people wanted to take their power;
- the beginning of the Romanov dynasty;
- the reign of Peter the Great;
- Catherine the Great;
- Napoleon Bonaparte and Russia;
- Crimean War ....

A Short history of Russia ended with the reign of Tsar Nicholas II.
One of the last big questions of the book was:
Who could reform a Volcano?

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