Royal Destinations - Berlin - Charlottenburg Castle

Last week, I was in Berlin. Of course I visited a lot of Prussian Royal Palaces.
The only remaining Castle in the city is called Charlottenburg Castle
(built in the late 17th. century).

During the second World War it was seriously damaged,
but the castle was reconstructed.

Charlottenburg Castle Berlin Germany

Now it is a huge tourist attraction, as you can see on the picture.

Sophie-Charlotte, Queen Consort of Prussia, gave the order to build this palace.
She was the second wife of Frederick I.


Frederick I - Own picture of a painting


Sophie Charlotte of Hannover - Queen Consort of Prussia

Here are some inside views of the Castle:


Beautiful ceilings:

Finest Wall Decoration & furniture:

The weather vane on the chimney-breast:

The Porcelain Cabinet:

The Charlottenburg Palace Chapel:

Queen Consort Sophie Charlotte wanted 'the place she dedicated 
to her God to be the most richly decorated of any in her palace'

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