The Weekend Special - Children of Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria - Caroline Augusta


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Caroline Augusta was born in 1792 in Mannheim.

Her first marriage was arranged by Napoleon I of France. 
She married William I of Württemberg.


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This was a political arranged marriage. 
The couple lived separated in their palace. Later they divorced. 
Pope Pius VII dissolved the marriage, so they could remarry for the 
Catholic Church.

Caroline Augusta remarried Francis II of Austria 
(in German Franz II see also the page: House of Habsburg on this blog).


Source picture: Wikipedia

After the death of her second husband, Carolina Augusta moved to Salzburg 

Travel Salzburg Austria 

Own picture of a rainy Salzburg

Caroline Auguste was described as elegant, likeable, religious and intelligent.

She was good friends with both her sister, Archduchess Sophie and her niece 
Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sisi).

Caroline Auguste died in 1873.
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