The Weekend Special - Children of Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria - Princess Sophie

Princess Sophie of Bavaria was born in 1805 in Munich.
She was the identical twin sister of Princess Maria Anna, later Queen of Saxony.


Princess Sophie - Source picture: Wikipedia

She married Franz Karl, Archduke of Austria.


Franz Karl - Source picture: Wikipedia

During the Revolution of 1848, she persuaded her husband to give up his rights 
of the throne in favour of her son, Franz Joseph. 
At that time she was called 'the only man at court'.

In the Sissi movies she is best remembered due to her bad relationship 
to Empress Elisabeth (Sissi).

Normally I hate rumors but this one I don't want to hold back.

Archduchess Sophie had a close relationship with Napoleon II. 
Yes! The son of Napoleon I, at that time emperor of France. 
Napoleon II lived at the Viennese Court with the title: Duke of Reichstadt.

Travel Vienna Austria Hofburg 

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She never recovered from the death of her younger son 
Maximilian I, the Emperor of Mexico, who was killed by an execution.

She withdrew from public life and died in 1872.
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