The Weekend Special - Children of Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria - Princess Elisabeth Ludovika


Own picture of a painting of Elisabeth Ludovika

Princess Elisabeth Ludovika was born in 1801 in Munich.
Her parents were King Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria and his second
wife Caroline of Baden. She was known in her family as Elise.
She was the identical twin sister of Queen Amalie of Saxony.

Elisabeth Ludovika of Bavaria married
Frederick William IV of Prussia.
She became Queen Consort of Prussia.


Frederick William IV - Source picture: Wikipedia

Elisabeth Ludovika was never involved in politics. 
So, she had no political influence. However due to her, there was a close 
friendship between Prussia and the Austrian Empire.
One of her sisters was Archduchess Sophie 
(the mother of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria - 
I will talk about her later in this Weekend Special).  

Elisabeth Ludovika died in 1873 in Dresden
(during a visit to one of her other sisters).
She's buried next to her husband at the Friedenskirsche in Potsdam.
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