Royal Destinations - Bern in Switzerland

Readers of this blog know that I like travelling. My trips have mostly a Royal Connection.
So, what about Bern in Switzerland?

Well, according to a local legend Berthold V, Duke of Zähringen, founded Bern.
He named the city after the first animal that he met on a hunt. That was a bear.

A second important thing for me was the historic old town, that is listed on the
UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bern Switzerland
Was Bern worth a Visit?

What are the famous landmarks of Bern?

1/ Zytglogge

Zytglogge Bern Switzerland

2/ Bern Minster

Bern Minster - Bern - Switzerland

inside the Bern Minster - Bern - Switzerland

3/ Bundeshaus (Federal Palace of Switzerland)

Federal Palace Bern Switzerland

During our visit (at Saturday) there was a market in Bern

Of course, Bern has a lot more to see and to do than these pictures and landmarks.
Did you know that Albert Einstein was born in Bern?
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