Fashion History: The Use of Nail polish

Nail Polish is a product I can't miss. It completes an outfit.

Own picture of fingers with Nail Polish

But what's the history of it?
Who started to put Nail Polish on her fingers?
And has it something to do with Royals?
I started to find some information and it really is interesting.

Around 3000BC, Chinese people started to use Nail Polish.

On 600 BC, during the Zhou Dynasty, the Royal House preferred gold and silver.

Chinese Painting during the Ming Dynasty - 
Source picture: Wikipedia

During the Ming Dynasty, Nail Polish was often made by a mixture of
beeswax, eggs white, gelatin,
vegetable dyes and Gum Arabic (I wouldn't have used that product:-))

In Egypt, lower classes wore pale colors of Nail Polish,
while the high society used red colors.

During the first decades of the 20th. century the Modern Nail Polish
was invented by the company
Cutex (based in Stamford - United States).

Nail Polish started in traditional colors: clear, red, pink, purple and black.
Since then the technique
improved and now there is a wide variety of colors, products and brands.

Own picture of Nail Polish
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