Fashion History: Why people started wearing a hat.

Nowadays a hat is a popular accessory. But, why did people start wearing it?
How became a hat a must-have fashion item?

Some History

Hats were already worn by the Greeks (and even before them).


A Greek painting with a hat :  Source - Wikipedia

In the late 16th. century women started to wear a hat. 
The best hat makers were then from Milan in Italy and 
that's where the term: 'Millener' 
comes from.

In the 19th. century the hats became larger with ribbons, flowers, feathers etc.

 Hats - Source picture: Wikipedia


Many (young) royals, I think spontaneously about the Duchess of Cambridge, 
wear beautiful hats.
Hatmakers really became very popular (Fabienne Delvigne, Philip Treacy, ...)

The royals understand the importance of the symbolic of hats 
(a hat can replace a crown).

Hats are even more! 
They are the fashion item to show a social status. 
Isn't that amazing!?!
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