Fashion History : Royal Court Life - Balls

Think about a real fairytale.
You are wearing a beautiful Evening gown, just like princesses.

Ball @ the Viennese Court - Source picture - Wikipedia

Think about the balls at the Royal Courts in the past and dream away on the tunes
of  fairy like Waltz music ...

Ball @ the Russian Imperial Court - Source picture: Wikipedia

Men could wear their uniform. The rules for women were more strict. The dresses were made
by the finest designers and had the most luxurious fabrics.

The history of these Evening dresses started at the European Royal Courts in the 15th. century during the reign of Philip the Good.

Philip the Good - Source picture: Wikipedia

At the Royal Courts in France, England, Russia and Austria, there were a lot of Balls and Parties. 
Being fashionable was then a must. 

Masquerade Ball - France - Source Picture - Wikipedia

I found a beautiful quote from James Boswell to end this post:

'Here now do I find myself in the very sphere of magnificence. 
I live with princes and a Court is my Home.'
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