Royal Destinations outside Europe - New Orleans - United States of America

This is my first 'Royal Destinations outside Europe' post.
It is about some important history of the United States of America.

A city in the United States of America that might be called a '
Royal Destination' is New Orleans.
It's history and its ties with European History really fascinates me.

New Orleans is located in the state of Louisiana near the Mississippi River.

Source painting: Wikipedia

New Orleans is named after the French city Orléans located near the
Loire River.

It is well known for his French Creole Architecture.
There are indeed a lot of influences
in the streets & culture, even in the Flag of the city.

Flag of New Orleans - Source picture: Wikipedia

New Orleans also was named for Philippe d'Orléans who 
was regent of France during the time
the city was founded (1718).

Philippe d'Orléans - Source picture: Wikipedia

There are not only French influences in the Flag of New Orleans. 
In the street names and architecture
there are references to the rich history of the city. 

New Orleans - Bourbon Street - Source picture: Wikipedia

New Orleans - French Quarter - Source picture: Wikipedia
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