Royal Destinations - Saint Petersburg - Russia

My Royal Destination post of today is about Saint Petersburg in Russia.

That city has an amazing huge history. During the ages,
Saint Petersburg recieved many names like:
Petrograd and Leningrad.

Saint Petersburg was founded by Tsar Peter The Great of Russia
on May 27th. 1703.

Saint Petersburg is listed as Unesco World Heritage Site. 
It is the home of the Hermitage, one of
the largest Art museums in the world.

Under the reign of Anna of Russia, Saint Petersburg became the capital of 
the Russian Empire. 

More beautiful palaces were built under the reign of Catharine The Great.

In 1914, Saint Petersburg received the name: Petrograd.

On November 7th. 1917, the Bolsheviks stormed the Winter Palace. 
This is often referred to as the
'October Revolution'.

In 1924, Petrograd became Leningrad.

In 1991, Leningrad was again renamed as Saint Petersburg. 

All those changes, the great history and an amazing collection of 
Palaces and art makes from Saint Petersburg a splendid 
Royal Destination. 

Source paintings: Wikipedia
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