Today in History - October 28th. 306 - Maxentius became Roman Emperor

On October 28th. 306, Maxentius was proclaimed as Roman Emperor.
He reigned till his death on October 28th. 312! He became 34 years old.

Source picture: Wikipedia

Maxentius was the son of the former Emperor Maximian and
 son-in-law of Emperor Galerius.

His father-in-law hated him. He could fix that Maxentius became only a
senator but not a

Trivia: Did you know that the later titels of 
Tsar and Emperor were derived from the name Ceasar?

The reign of Maxentius ended by his death in 312.

Coins of Maxentius - Source: Wikipedia

In December 2006, Italian archeologists found several wooden boxes
near the Palatine Hill in Rome.

The things inside were identified as the imperial Regalia
possibly belonging to Maxentius. 
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