Special Today in History - November 25th. 1975 - Independence of Suriname

On November 25th. 1975, Surname became independent from the Kingdom of
The Netherlands.

Flag of Suriname

Suriname is located on the northeastern Atlantic Coast of South America.
It is bordered by French Guiana, Guyana and Brazil.

Map of Suriname - Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1667 Suriname was captured by the Dutch. They called the country
Dutch Guiana.

In 1954 Suriname became an constituent country within the kingdom of
The Netherlands as the Dutch Antilles are.

In 1975 Suriname became independent.

The main language is Dutch.
That makes it very easy for me to visit Suriname once :-) 
My mother tongue also is Dutch.

Dutch in Suriname - Source picture: Wikipedia

In my Royal Destination outside Europe, I'll tell you more about the
capital of Suriname: Paramaribo.

On next link you'll see a picture of Queen Juliana of The Netherlands
signing the act of independence of Suriname in 1975 (text in Dutch): Link
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