Today in History - November 15th. 1498 - Eleanor of Austria

On November 15th. 1498, Eleanor of Austria was born in Louvain
(Leuven - Belgium).

Eleanor of Austria - painting -  source picture: Wikipedia.

Eleanor was the eldest daughter of Philip of Austria and Joanna of Castile.

Philip of Austria and Joanna of Castile - Source picture: Wikipedia

Eleanor of Austria had famous siblings inter alia:

Charles V

(Holy Roman Emperor) see page House of Habsburg on top of my blog :

Ferdinand I

Source picture: Wikipedia

Queen Isabella of Denmark

Source picture: Wikipedia

Queen Mary of Hungary

Source picture: Wikipedia

Queen Catherine of Portugal

Source picture: Wikipedia

Eleanor of  Austria also was called Eleanor of Castile.
She married her uncle Manuel I of Portugal
and became Queen of Portugal. He died on the age of 52.
Eleanor returned to Spain.

Later Eleanor of Austria married King Francis I of France
during his captivity in Spain. 

As French Queen she had no political power although
she was used as contact between 
France and the Holy Roman Empire.