Today in History - November 24th. 1394 - Charles, Duke of Orléans (France)

On November 24th. 1394, Charles; Duke of Orléans was born in Paris (capital of France).

Charles, Duke of Orléans - Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1415, Charles was one of the noblemen who attended the Battle of Agincourt
during the war with the Kingdom of England.

Battle of Agincourt - Source picture: Wikipedia

This became a huge victory for the English.
They took Charles, Duke of Orléans to England as prisoner for 24 years.
Charles appears in Shakespeare's play, Henry V as the Duke of Orléans. 

Charles, Duke of Orléans married three times.
His last marriage was with Marie of Cleves.
They had 3 children inter alia Louis XII of France.

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