Today in History - November 27th. 1635 - Madame de Maintenon - France

On November 27th. 1635, Madame de Maintenon was born.

Madame de Maintenon - Source picture: Wikipedia

Madame de Maintenon married King Louis XIV of France during a private ceremony
blessed by Archbishop of Paris. Her marriage with the French King was never
officially announced or admitted.

She had influence on King Louis XIV not in politics but in the intrigues on the
Royal court. Due to Madame de Maintenon, King Louis XIV granted a high
nobility title to his natural children.

After the death of King Louis XIV of France Madame de Maintenon withdrew
her from court. She founded a school for young girls coming from
impoverished noble families (like she did).

Madame de Maintenon died in 1719. She became 83 years old.
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