Today in History - November 28th. 1962 - Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands

On November 28th. 1962, Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands died.

Queen Wilhelmina was born in 1880 in The Hague as the only daughter of
King William III and his wife Princess Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont.

On November 23rd. 1890, King William III died, Wilhelmina became Queen.
Although she was too young for reigning. Her mother was then regent.

In 1895, Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands visited the United Kingdom.
Queen Victoria wrote in her diary:

The young queen... Still has her hair hanging loose. She is slender and graceful
and makes an impression as a very intelligent and cute girl. She speaks good English
and knows how to behave with charming manners.

In 1901, Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands married
Duke Henry of Mecklenburg -Schwerin.
In The Netherlands he was called: Hendrik.

Duke Henry of Mecklenburg - Schwerin

Due to his marriage he became a Prince. They had 1 child together: Juliana.
Later she became Queen Juliana of The Netherlands (mother of the former 
Queen Beatrix).

Queen Wilhelmina has reigned for nearly 58 years. That's a record for the
Dutch monarchs.

Stamp of The Netherlands with Queen Wilhelmina.

Source pictures: Wikipedia
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