Ostend (Belgium) - Statue of King Leopold II of Belgium

Near the beach in Ostende there is a striking equestrian statue from King Leopold II
of Belgium.

Ostend Leopold II statue
Ostend Leopold II statue

Some History ... 

After World War I the city wanted to create a statue for King Leopold II of Belgium.
He did a lot for Ostend and with his presence the beach town became the place to be
in the beginning of the twentieth century.

It wasn't a secret that the administration of Ostend wanted to gain back the presence
of the Royal Family.

The statue shows a King Leopold seated on a horse, while he watched
over the North Sea.

On the left side the people of Congo wanted to thank their King
(although history proved that King Leopold II had no good intentions at all.
He just wanted to earn as much money as possible).

On the right side the people of Ostend wanted to thank their King too.

Some Facts...

* The cost of the statue was in that time 800.000 BEF !

* The architect of this statue was Antoine Courtens. He came from Brussels.

* The statue was inaugurated on July 19th. 1931 by King Albert I of Belgium.
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