Today in History - December 13th. 1553 - Henry IV of France

On December 13th. 1553, Henry IV of France was born.

Henry IV of France
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His parents were Queen Jeanne III of Navarre and Antoine de Bourbon.

First Henry married Margaret of Valois (daughter of King Henry II of France and
Catherine de' Medici).

Margaret of Valois painted by Rubens
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Their wedding took place on August  18th. 1572 in the Notre Dame cathedral
in Paris. On August 24th. 1572, Saint Bartholomew's  Day Massacre started in
Paris. Several thousand Protestants who came to the wedding were killed. 
Henry could escape. 

Henry's first marriage was not a happy one. It remained childless. 
They seperated. In 1600 he married Marie de Medici.

Marie de Medici
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Henry IV became King of France in 1589. He died on May 14th. 1610. 
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