Today in History - December 16th. 1485 - Catherine of Aragon

On December 16th. 1485, Catherine of Aragon was born in Madrid (Spain).

Catherine of Aragon
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On June 11th. 1509, Catherine of Aragon married Henry VIII of England.
On June 23rd 1509, Catherine's coronation was in the Westminster Abbey.
The coronation banquet was in Westminster Hall. In 1516, Catherine became
pregnant of a girl called Mary.

Source picture: Wikipedia

Henry VIII wanted a son. In 1525 he became in love with Anne Boleyn.
Henry asked the pope to agree with a divorce. The pope refused.
Henry VIII started his own religion.

In 1533, Henry VIII divorced from Catherine. She lost her title as Queen.
She moved to a castle far from the court.

In 1536, Catherine died from a kind of cancer.
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