Today in History - December 28th. 1522 - Margaret of Parma

Margaret of Parma was born on December 28th. 1522 in Oudenaarde (now Belgium).

Margaret of Parma
Source picture: Wikipedia

She was the illegitimate daughter of Emperor Charles V and
Johanna Maria van der Gheynst.

In 1529, Margaret was acknowledged by her father, Charles V.
She recieved the title Margaret of Austria.

The young woman grew up with her great-aunt Margaret of Austria and
Mary of Austria. They were both governors of The Netherlands.
Later she grew up in Italy.

In 1536, she married Alesandro de' Medici, Duke of Florence. He was
murdered in 1537.

Allesandro de' Medici
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In 1538, Margaret married Ottavio Farnesse, Duke of Parma.

Ottavio Farnesse
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In 1555, she left Italy. Margaret was appointed by her (half) brother Philips II of Spain, as
governor of the Netherlands (like her aunts).

In 1583, she returned to Italy. Margaret died in 1586 in Ortona.

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