Historical Hotels - Amstel Hotel - Amsterdam - The Netherlands

The Amstel Hotel is located in Amsterdam and it certainly deserves the title:
Historical Hotel. Maybe it can be called a Royal Destination.

Old postcard of the Amstel Hotel around 1923 
Source picture: Wikipedia

The Amstel Hotel was built in 1863. The architect was Cornelis Outshoorn.
In 1867, the Amstel Hotel opened. In the beginning, it wasn't a great succes.

Dr. Johann Georg Mezger rescued the Amstel Hotel. From 1870 till 1888 he
took up his practice as physiotherapist. He treated a lot of Royal and Aristocratic

Dr. Johann Georg Mezger
Source picture: Wikipedia

He treated inter alia:
King Gustaf V of Sweden
Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sissi)
Empress Eugénie (wife of Napoleon III of France)
& Queen Elisabeth su Wied of Romania.

Now the Amstel Hotel is a luxurious 5 star hotel with a lot of important guests.
During the wedding of King Willem-Alexander (then Prince) and Queen Máxima
a lot of Royals stayed in this hotel.

I never visited the hotel, but you can see the hotel if you do a canal tour by tourist boat.

With this post, I noticed that it is almost Weekend. 
Tomorrow I'll make a small Weekend Special about some Young European Royals.
I wish you a great Friday and a Wonderful Weekend. 
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