Monaco - January 27th. - Saint Devota

January 27th. is the feast day of Saint Devota (in French Sainte Dévote),
patron of Corsica and Monaco.

Saint Devota
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The legend ...

Devota was a woman born around 283 in Mariana, Corsica. 
A young virgin, she decided to devote herself fully to the service of God.
She was taken captive by the order of Barbarus. She was tortured for her

Devota died around 303. The governor ordered to burn her body although 
fishermen could prevent that. 

They put the body on a boat to Africa. However the storm overtook the boot.
A dove flew out of the month of the saint.

The dove led the boat to Les Gaumates (now part of Monaco).
On this place there was already a chapel dedicated to Saint George.

Sainte Dévote Chapel in Monaco picture taken in January 2013

Sainte Dévote Chapel in Monaco

The Sainte Dévote chapel first was mentioned around 1070. In 1536 it was 
acquired by Honoré I, Lord of Monaco.

Louis II of Monaco introduced the tradition of setting fire on a fishing boat
on the evening of January 26th. This tradition is repeated every year.

On January 27th.  there is a service in the Saint Nicholas Cathedral.
This service is attended by the Prince's Family.

Fireworks end the feast day of Sainte Dévote.  

Inside the Sainte Dévote Chapel Monaco
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