Today in History - January 18th. 1701 - Frederick I of Prussia (Germany)

On January 18th. 1701, Frederick I crowned himself as King in Prussia
in Königsberg (Germany).
His title was King in Prussia instead of King of Prussia.

Frederick I of Prussia
Source picture: Wikipedia

On July 11th. 1657, Frederick I of Prussia was born in Königsberg.

His parents were Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg and 
Louise Henriette of Orange-Nassau.

Frederick I married three times.

1/ Elizabeth Henrietta of Hesse-Kassel 
2/ Sophia Charlotte of Hanover
3/ Sophia Louise of Mecklenburg - Schwerin

Frederick I died on February 25th. 1713 in Berlin (Germany).

This name may not be familiar but he was the paternal grandfather of
Frederick the Great, an important King of Prussia.
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