Today in History - January 25th. 1559 - Christian II of Denmark

Christian was born on July 1st. 1481 @ Nyborg Castle.

Christian II of Denmark
Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents were King John of Denmark and Christina of Saxony.
They were members of the House of Oldenburg.

In 1515, Christian married Anna of Austria. She was the granddaughter
of Holy Emperor Maximilian I.

Anne of Austria
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Christian had a mistress called Dyveke Sigbritsdatter. She was a commoner.
Dyveke was the daughter of a Dutch merchant.

Painting of Christian with his mistress
Source: Wikipedia

Dyveke died in 1517. She would have been poisoned by cherries. 

From 1513 - 1523, Christian II became King of Denmark and Norway.
From 1520 - 1521, Christian became King of Sweden too.
After 1523, the Danish Royal family moved to Lier (now Belgium).

In 1532 he tried to recover his Kingdoms. This never succeeded.
He was taken captive for more than 27 years.

King Christian II of Denmark and Norway died on January 25th. 1559
in Kalundborg Castle as prisoner.
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