Today in History - January 9th. 1878 - Death of Victor Emmanuel II of Italy

Victor Emmanuel II of Italy died on January 9th. 1878 in Rome (Capital of Italy).

King Victor Emmanuel II of Italy
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Victor Emmanuel II was born on March 14th. 1820 in Sardinia.

His parents were Charles Albert, Prince of Carignano and
Maria Theresa of Austria.

In 1842 he married his first cousin Adelaide of Austria. She died in 1855.

Drawing of Victor Emmanuel II and his family
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In 1861, Victor Emmanuel assumed the title 'King of Italy'. 
He became the first King of Italy since the 6th. century.
The Italians called him 'Padre della Patria'  in English: Father of the Homeland.

King Victor Emmanuel II liked the women. In 1869 he married
Rosa Vercellana. King Victor Emmanuel II had several children with several

King Victor Emmanuel II wanted a united Italy. This was against the will of
the Austrian Empire. He succeeded in his plan. In 1871, Rome became the
new capital of Italy.

After the death of Victor Emmanuel II, his eldest son Umberto I became the
new King of Italy.

Umberto I - King of Italy
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