Today in History - February 18th. 1743 - Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici

Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici was born on August 11th. 1667 in Florence (Italy).

Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici
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She was the only daughter of Cosimo III de' Medici and
Marguerite Louise d'Orléans (a niece of King Louis XIII of France).

Anna Maria Luisa de'Medici was popular on the wedding market.
First she was a possible bride of Louis of France (son of King Louis XIV of France).
Another candidate was Peter II of Portugal. 

In 1691, she finally married Johann Wilhelm, Elector Palatine of the 
Wittelsbachs Dynasty. 

Johann Wilhelm, Elector Palatine
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Their marriage was harmonious. They had no children.

Anna Maria Luisa and her husband were both art lovers. Their court became a
center of European Art. 

After the death of her husband, Anna Maria Luisa returned to Florence (Italy).
There she died on February 18th. 1743. 

In her testament she arranged that all the possessions of de' Medici's should return
to the state of Florence. The possessions never were allowed to leave the state 

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