Treetuesday - Palmtrees in Boa Vista - Cape Verde

Travel Hotel Riu Karamboa Cape Verde
Boa Vista - View @ Riu Karamboa

My 'Treetuesday' picture is taken in Boa Vista. 
This isle is a part of the Republic of Cabo Verde. 

I found it a nice holiday destination. The isle is barren but fairly pristine.
During my visit in 2012 there weren't a lot of hotels yet at Boa Vista. 
However, in the near future a lot of hotels will be built on the isle.

Boa Vista is barren, so these palmtrees are cultivated. 
The picture shows a part of the Riu Karamboa Resort and in the distance
Sal Rei (Capital of Boa Vista).

What's the Royal Connection?

The picture hasn't a Royal Connection at all. But the isles of Cape Verde
were discovered by António de Noli. This was a nobleman and navigator.
António de Noli was appointed by the Portuguese King Alfonso V.

Alfonso V, King of Portugal
Source picture: Wikipedia

Since 1975, Cape Verde is independent and became a republic. 
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